Monday, May 12, 2008

A bit of babbling.....

We are done with the dance performances - hooray! They went really well but we are all glad it's over for another year. Here a a photo of my DD (in the blue dress) with one of her friends and their dance instructor after the final performance.

Once thing I LOVE about our dance school is that their costumes are never more than $20 - those dresses were their costumes and were $14. It makes it so much more about the dance than about the costumes and makeup and such. She was presented with her leotard this year - 36 consecutive months of dance - it's a big deal in their school. Her next goal is the 7 year silver dancer award pin.

Mother's Day was a lovely rest - not having to be anywhere at any certain time. We had some of the big storms pass through that were the edges of the tornadoes other people got but thankfully we didn't get any damage. Quite a few trees down around town though. Poked around our favorite 2nd hand book store and found some new treasures including a rare out of print book! Too fun!
My BTRS sewing swap partner received her bag and loved it - I'm so glad! I don't know if they partnered us together on purpose or not but she is from Australia so it was fun to catch up on a little of "home" while reading her blog.
And speaking of blogs a fellow Designing Diva started one of her own so go check her out - her paintings always blow me away!

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