Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome Summer!

WOOHOO! Summer is here and we had a great start. I escaped for a few blissful hours on Saturday with my friend Dana to wander the garage sales and Farmers Market and we had a blast. You can see more of our adventure on her blog - thanks for a great time Dana! After we got back home I headed back out with the family and we bought a new set for our deck at World Market (love that store!) and it has become my favorite little corner of the world

We have eaten every meal out there since. Next to it on the deck is my insta-pasta pot which is thriving beautifully

no doubt it is the love and tender care of my little garden gnome you can just see in the bottom left corner. The basil looks ready to make the first batch of fresh pesto - yum! And soon we will be eating tomatoes straight from the vine.

I love summer!

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