Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last....... of school

.........minute gifts

What I love about having a bit of a stash (okay maybe a big stash) of crafting supplies is that when I need to make some gifts at 11pm at night the day before I need them, I have everything I need :o) So that obviously justifies my shopping.... right??? Well anyway it's been crazy busy and so I haven't had time up until now (last minute) to make some final little gifts for the teachers so that's what I did last night. I made matching clipboard and card sets for the girls teacher's

and a card tin with just a few cards for the librarian (who already has quite a few of my cards in her stash..) so she can remember where she put the last pile of cards I gave her :o)

And everything came out of my stash! Of course that just means I need to go and replenish my supplies now.....
My older DD also had a birthday party to go to for a friend that is as much of a cat fanatic as my DD is a pig fanatic. So we went and got a few cat supplies (something I don't have in my stash) to give her a stash of her own.

So now is the final hours before summer break officially begins. My sisters land in LA this weekend and begin their trip across the country and will be here in 2 weeks (I hope)
Enjoy your long weekend!


Just said...

hello! I was just blog hopping when blogger brought me to your blog. You have beautiful creations. Truly wonderful. More power to you!

leanne said...

Wow! Those projects are just awesome. I wanted to thank you for the very fun rak I got in the mail! I love it. Thanks so much. I posted it on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Love the Kitty craft box!