Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday baby girl!

My youngest turns 8 today!! I know it's said over and over again "enjoy them while they are young because the time passes so quickly" but it is SO true! These 8 years have just flown by and with every minute of anger and frustration she has caused us have also come hours of joy. Happy birthday my little girl!

In our house once 2 birthday's have passed that means Christmas is just around the corner. I swore I would be ready for it this year and I really am going to try! I have a Christmas card stamp-a-stack this weekend at the store and these are the cards I made for it.

Of course I haven't made any for me..... But it has helped me start thinking about it anyway. I am also really trying to cut back this year and make more handmade gifts again. We really all have more than we need and I think it's much nicer to get something that you know someone has made just for you.

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