Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting back.....

It's taken me a while but I am finally starting to feel like I am getting back on top of things. Going home was one of those bitter sweet things - LOVED being there but missed my kids and DH and now I am glad to be home but of course miss terribly being with my sisters. Everyone has been asking for photos of my new niece but truthfully I spent so much time doing this

that I hardly took any at all! I just don't think anything beats the feeling of that new tiny baby sleeping in your arms and since the next time I see her she'll probably be walking and have no idea who I am I wanted to make the most of it. Here is one good one that I got though

How I miss that sweet little face!
I did manage to sew a diaper bag with changing pad while I was there

and took advantage of the plummet of the AU$ against the US$ to do a little shopping. :o)

When I got back home fall was in the air - I love this time of year! We went to a local farm for the yearly hay ride, corn maze (we even made it through this year!) and of course picking of the pumpkins

We haven't carved them yet but I kind of like them sitting there all round and plump on the front porch. This weekend is the b'day party for my younger DD who has opted for a Build-a-bear party with everyone coming in their Halloween costumes. At least this one doesn't involve a lot of work from me. In contrast to my older DD she has decided to be a snow princess for Halloween so we'll have one dressed in black and one in white. This week was fall break for us and I was glad for the opportunity to sleep in to get my body readjusted to which side of the world it was on! Next week it's back to the madness again.

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