Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone shares some love tomorrow on Valentines Day! (preferably in the form of chocolate and preferably in my direction......) Here are our creations for the big day. My youngest DD always has very specific ideas leaving me very little creative space - a mouse stamp on a red folded card with a heart lollipop..... well okay - so this is what I made

Thankfully it passed inspection. My older DD wasn't really sure that she wanted to participate this year until I found this idea

The icandy ipods were a hit! She personalized some of the playlists for her friends that have a favorite thing that they are into.
For the girls teachers I had each child in the class make a valentine on a precut heart and turned them into a book for them.

Something they can look back on in years to come hopefully with fond memories. I was pleasantly surprised on the nice comments the kids made mostly unprompted.

The other thing I squeezed in this week was a birthday gift for Jenn at the store

I was kind of hoping that maybe she wouldn't love it because I was feeling like maybe I needed a new bag - but she did and it has been attached to her shoulder every since. Maybe I should just start making 2 of everything I make just in case I have a had time parting with it.....

Love to you all! Happy Valentines Day!!


Jana Weaver said...

LOVE the icandy ipods...what a cute idea! And I'm sure the teacher's loved their valentine books! So sweet of you!!

Craft Matters said...

That's a fabulous bag, and I love the Valentine's treats!

Sherry said...

Really, you should just count on making THREE!!! : ) Absolutely gorgeous bag and I love the black fabric!!! Cute, cute, cute Valentine's! Have a great day!

NewYorkerAtHeart said...

Love that bag!;) You squeeze in lots of sewing in between your job and being a mommy! Go Yvette!