Friday, February 20, 2009

Owl swap

I participated in an owl swap recently which was just a one on one swap and so much less stressful than all those birds (which still haven't arrived back to me). I got a lovely partner Ali and this is the owl she got in the mail

I was VERY fond of him (I named him Edwin who happened to be a high school crush and turned out to be her son's middle name) and I have to make one for me now because he is happily adjusted to his new home.
Then I received her bundle of goodies in the mail this week

owl swap goodies

Too too cute!!!! Her owl is a little needlebook, love the fabric, trim and buttons. Check out those little owl stickers!! And then of course my favorite chocolate - Green and Blacks - except I have not seen butterscotch in the stores here so that was fun to have a new flavor to try (you can't tell from the photo that I had already opened it and eaten some can you......???)
My kids are participating in a kids atc swap which has been a lot of fun for them - they have each received their first one in the mail. I think half the fun is just receiving mail from around the country and world. And I won't tell you that I just signed up for yet another swap - you'll just think I'm crazy!

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Anonymous said...

I love the owl you made! I want one. (That would make a great birthday present.) I also love the owl you received. Just too cute!