Saturday, May 30, 2009


My older DD is right this minute in DC with 1200 other East TN 5th graders on the Safety Patrol trip. She's having a blast! Me? My heart hurts.... but I'm glad she's having a great time and I am EXTREMELY grateful to Don Lindsey of AAA who has been twittering the whole trip which makes me worry a little less - just a little.....
On the flip side with older DD in DC and younger at a sleepover DH and I actually had a night alone together!!!! First night in literally years! And I am proud to say we actually took advantage of it and went to dinner and then went and saw Star Trek. If you are a trekkie in the least way you will LOVE this movie. All the old lines you know and love come up and it's so fun to see the younger versions of all the old characters. Highly recommended!
The girls got new shoes this week

New shoes!

and they pretty much haven't taken them off since - but really who would blame them! They are just too cute!!
Me? I whipped up another of these bags per request - she picked the fabrics - I just put it together.

Purse for a friend

I think turned out pretty cute. (Carla - it's at the store waiting for you.......)
And tonight? Another bag in progress - same story - she picked the fabrics, I just sew it together.


NewYorkerAtHeart said...

yay! love it. thank you so much!

Jessica said...

awesome. . .
how much do you charge on these items? bags? pencil rolls, etc.?

you are one talented lady. you know that?

Jessica said...

hey. . leave me a message telling me about those questions i asked.

just wanted to tell you congrats. i emailed sara and told her how talented you are and i was so thankful you are a threesome now!
he he he!
hope you are good.
oh..............found a place for you to go. well, been going since i was a kiddo, but didn't know if you've been.

emery five and dime.
on chapman highway. go when you have time to really look!