Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wow that last week or two of school really wiped me out! It was crazy busy with work thrown in there too but the good news is I made a lot of gifts this week so I have lots to show you.
Firstly the pencil roll I was telling you about returned from the abyss (at least momentarily) so here's a photo of it

Pencil roll
And you know it really works! Seems it's much more fun to put your pencils away when they have a special color co-ordinated home to go to.

Then I made a bunch of cards and such for the teachers - this one for our only male teacher and it included a resturant gift card

then 6 of each of these as gifts

and then another thank you with a gift card

and finally a clipboard (for the teacher who complained her's always went missing) with matching card

Then my oldest DD had not one but TWO birthday parties this week as well!!!! She is at the age where gift cards are the most wanted gifts but I hate to just give a gift card - luckily I stumbled upon Leslie's package pillows and I am in love with them!

Package pillow #2

Package pillow #1

So you know what all her friends will be getting from now on....

Then there were belated thank you gifts for the girl scout leaders. A tote bag (that had been requested)

Simple tote bag

(LOVE that fabric - and there is still enough left for some more projects.....)
and a note card wrap (can you tell she's an owl lover??)
Notecard wrap

I got the idea from soulemama's Gratitude Wrap but I didn't like the way she did the pockets and it seemed more complicated than it needed to be so I made my own version which is much simpler and works just fine. These would be great to have on hand for last minute gifts.... but then again last minute is all I ever do!

Then last but not least was out diva group challenge for the month. We met at the store this month so we could do a little shopping too :o) I have to say that I think out of all the pieces that I have made for the challenges, this is the one I am most pleased with

I have it proudly hanging above my piano now which is by the door to the garage so every time I walk into the house I see it and smile :o) You can see all the other pieces and what we had to use over on the blog.
Now school's out for the summer so we'll see how much gets done with the kids around. Hope you are enjoying your Memorial weekend!


NewYorkerAtHeart said...

Wow! You SO inspire me! I loved all your projects. I especially love your wall hanging. You need to do a class. I want to make one!
I also love the owl stuff...who am I kidding? I love it all! You ARE a creative DIVA!

Anonymous said...

Your package pillow turned out so well . . . I'm green with envy! I've been hesitant to try any fabric boxes because I'm afraid that sewing the top and bottom sides will be a trainwreck for me :)

How can we talk you into doing a tutorial for your version of the Gratitude Wrap?

Jessica said...

can i just say that you are invited to every birthday party from here on out.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that pencil roll. i looked at buying one on etsy. you need to tell me if you start selling these things. . .
no, i didn't look at them for my boys, but for myself. he he he!

hope you are good!