Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7 month's later......

What can I say? Sometimes life takes over living and you just try and get through from one day to the next. So here I am again 7 months later and without even much to show for it! But if there is still anyone out there reading, I thought I'd give it another shot. And I even made something today to show you! The girls were up in their respective rooms engrossed in their respective books so I took the opportunity to sneak downstairs and finish a mini book I started on Saturday....

mini book - top five faves

This will soon be posted as a class at the store. I played around with ideas for this little Maya Road album forever, changing paper lines and ideas for the album theme before I stumbled on this one but now I love the way it turned out. I won't bore you with all the pages (you can see them on my flickr account if you really want too...) but here is one

Five Fave's - #1 - starbucks

And see that Starbucks? That photo happens to have been taken by me in Paris - that's Paris France people!!! Love it!!! I can't wait till I can go back there. It was truly an awesome trip (so my sisters...when can we go again???) And I used my too cute typewriter for all the journaling. I am proud to say we are now a 3 typewriter family! We were shopping our favorite vintique store and came across a cute gray one in near pristine condition at a very reasonable price and so our youngest typist now has one of her very own. And I was one happy mum when I woke up several mornings this week (first week of summer vacation) to the sound of the clack clack clack of typewriter keys :o) So anyway....that's a quick peek at what I'm doing at the moment. I can't promise I'll be back every day but I will definitely try and do at least a few a week...... so if you're still out there, that's for hanfging in there with me!

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Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

OMG love the little book! I missed not seeing you posting, thanks for getting back into that!