Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Christmas in July

At the store we have decided to do two weeks of Christmas in July. The last two years I felt like Christmas came and left leaving me with a long undone "to do" list. So hopefully this year I'll be able to do some of the projects I wanted to do. This one is inspired by Ali Edwards "December Daily" and I am so excited that I finally got to make it!!!

december daily 001

It has a page for each day ready for me to stick in my favorite photo or memento of all the holiday activities. Here are some of my favorite pages

december daily 015

Kids with clogs!!!! What's not to love???? If you know me you know how I love all things Dutch :o)

december daily 030

We love to read Christmas stories - I have a HUGE basket of them and I try to add a few new ones to my collection every year

december daily 021

This is a big pocket to store cards or recipes or such in.

I won't show you all of them but you can see them on flickr if you want to. So now at the end of December I hope to be able to show you the completed version! I can't wait :o)

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