Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Time: 8pm
She says: mum I need pj's for pajama day at camp tomorrow
Me: (bewildered) don't you have pj's????
She says: we are not allowed to wear short ones or nighties so I only have winter ones and they're too hot
Me: (wondering what this was leading to...) okay... can you borrow some of your sister's?
She says: uh - NO! they're all too big plus I don't like them
Me: okay...so what are you going to do?
She says: It's okay mum - you can make me some - I'll help you find the fabric
(Translation: I want to look cool in front of my new camp friends tomorrow and I know exactly what I want to be wearing and you are here to fix that for me)

Time: 9:15pm
Me: Is this what you wanted

new pj pants

She says: oh thank you mum! I love you.
Me: (I think somewhere I missed the lesson where they explained to you how to avoid being wrapped around your child's ever so cute little finger...)

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