Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saying goodbye...

So I had to say goodbye to my mum last weekend :( It always makes me more than a little homesick when I wave her off on a jet plane - I really miss seeing my family and particularly my sisters. But it's a good chance to send a bunch of stuff home since I can't go myself. So gave her an extra suitcase and we loaded them up as close to the weight limit as we could!
For #2 (my husband likes to number my sisters rather than use a name..) with my almost 3 yr old niece and another niece on the way, we send home lots of fun new clothes and books for the girls - some new, some made with love. Some particularly requested items were a twirly skirt which my DD made, and a scarf to match the one I had made my sister for Christmas (it's winter there at the moment).
#4 received an antique cocktail shaker that I stumbled upon while browsing Nostalgia one day :)
and #3 owns a restaurant so I thought a handmade apron would be something she would like

It has a pocket to hold a order pad and pen, some vintage buttons and trims, and some paris newsprint fabric to remind her of our trip :)

Doesn't even come close to getting on a plane and seeing them in person but at least they'll know I'm thinking of them!

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Anonymous said...

It is always hard to say goodbye to family..hope you can see them all again soon... Love the cute...