Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scrapping along..... of the fabric kind

If you didn't already know I have several (*cough*) hobbies ;) and I tend to get absorbed by one for a while until I burn out, and then move on to the next one, and the next, until I've made the full circle. Some last longer than others, some are more seasonal (knitting seems to mainly come around Christmas). Right now I am consumed with sewing and if you came to my house right now you would see fabric covering my craft room. I REALLY love sewing (of course I will say that about all my hobbies) and I have a generous (*cough*) stash of fabric. So this time as I was happily sewing along making some of these

Brights fabric basket
I decided that I should use up every last scrap before moving on to the next project. Those scraps became these
Scrappy Mug Rugs

Now it seems I am addicted to finding out what I can do with scraps... like this

Fabric ATC

and I have some other ideas floating around too. I've been having so much fun and have been able to do a little here and a little there in between being chief taxi driver, chef, housekeeper, homework assistant and school library volunteer.....
On a side note - if you like hunting through thrift stores like me, you really should go check out the new Public Markets in Turkey Creek. I have been a few times already and have already marked my favorites thrifting stalls. My biggest find has been yards upon yards of vintage lace which I used on the fabric atc above and this basket
Red and blue fabric baskets
There have been quite a few other finds too and I have gotten to know some of the lovely vendors working there.
My goal had been not to buy any new fabric until I had made a sizable dent in my current stash.....but surely vintage lace isn't included in that....right????
Oh and these and more projects are planned for my etsy store which I am hoping to fill over the next few months - so if you need unique local handmade Christmas gifts for your friends/relatives/teachers think of me :)
Have a great long weekend!

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