Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Intentions, New Resolutions

Every year Ali Edwards does her "One Little Word" project. Every year I look at it and think - yeah, great idea, but not for me. These year when I started seeing it pop up on the blogs "my" word popped into my head and it won't go away...... so I guess it's here to stay. And the more I ponder on it, the more it fits....

So this is the year I will - DO

DO - be deliberate in my actions and decisions
DO - more crafting
DO - take time to enjoy the now
DO - take action rather than sitting and worrying about possible outcomes
DO - exercise
DO - take care of myself - not just everyone else
DO - take risks

Part of this will be an effort to blog more - which helps me hold accountable (even if no one else is really reading) Of course having said that - this week is a crazy one - TCDE heads to NYC this weekend for 5 days and I am going as chaperon so I won't be around much. But I will be practicing my word - I am taking the opportunity to go with my daughter - while she still wants me around - to make memories that will last a lifetime :) So though you may not hear from me again till we get back, I will be back again soon. Till then here is a collection of what I did "DO" last year.

Welcome 2012! I look forward to the possibilities the new year brings.

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*krystyn* said...

Hooray!! I'm doing OLW this year too!! First time ever!! I felt like it was calling word: BEGIN!!!

I need to get into SITC for an 8.5x11 album for it too!!

Hope to see you soon!!