Sunday, January 28, 2007

All this cold - still no snow.

It is freezing here again and we saw a few snowflakes float down but we still don't have any real snow - not even in the mountains! All I ask is for one decent snow day - making snowmen and snow angels and throwing snowballs then warming up with some hot chocolate....... is that really too much to ask? Well anyway we spent the day keeping warm inside - lit a fire and also had on an awesome little space heater that we found on clearance yesterday at Target (gotta love Target!). Younger DD was having a rough day - don't know if she is coming down with something or just tired from waking me up at 2am to tell me she had an itchy spot on her arm!! Hope she doesn't miss school tomorrow because it's the 100th day of school and they are having a party and I'm supposed to be there.

I whipped up some chicken soup in the crockpot this morning and then did some stamping. Stamping turned out all right - soup did not :o( Don't know if I didn't cook it long enough or didn't have it on high enough but the carrots and potatoes weren't done yet - so we had to go to plan B and I'll put it back on tomorrow - surely it will be done by tomorrow night!

Anyway here are a few of the things I created today. Thanks to Melissa I finally figured out the copyright thing that I have to put on my cards for SU - thanks Melissa :o)

All of them are valentines cards for my Valentines stamp camp this Friday. I got tired of the same colors all the time so I was trying to use some more non traditional Valentine colors - this card is kraft cardstock with red and black.

This was for a swap I was in - you had to use only the Petals and Paisley set. I used Blush Blossom for the card base which is a color I don't use very often. The other pink is Cameo Coral. I am using a simplified version of this for the 50 thank you cards I am making for the school library volunteers.

Okay this one I really impressed myself on :o) I have had this hostess set forever and never figured out how to use it and so was so happy that this worked out so well! On top of that I used the wide ribbon which is always a challenge for me. Whoo hoo - it still impresses me!!!

This I copied from the SU Stamping Success magazine that we get as demonstrators. It is mustard, olive, cocoa, and rose - don't know if I would ever have thought to put these colors together myself but it's okay.... not great but okay and definitely in my these of non-traditional colors!
If you have any ideas for non traditonal valentine color combinations I would love to hear them - just click on the comments and let me know.

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Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

As always it's a pleasure to come and see your stuff... Slide looks awesome!! Good to see all your "art" in one place!! Keep up the great work chick!!