Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Trapped at home....day 2

No - it's not snow that's trapping me at home (I wish!!!) it's a sick child. Yesterday was okay - younger DD had a fever and generally wasn't feeling good so she vegged most of the day and I worried about her but took advantage of not having to do school pickup until 3pm and used the time to do laundry and a little sewing. My older DD has a pig fetish at the moment and my mum found a remnant of pink flying pig flannel (very cute!) so I made a long nightie for her - just barely squeezing it out of the piece of fabric. She went to bed very happy in her pig nightie, pig slippers, pig tails in her hair and cuddling one of her many stuffed pig toys and practicing - yup you guessed it - pig Latin!
Today is a different story - DD has a cough and probably doesn't need to be at school but she isn't "sick" anymore - so now I am restless and feeling trapped and she is bored. Really need to get groceries because we are out of everything - might bundle her up and go anyway just to get out of the house.
My exciting news is that the school librarian has offered to pay me to make some cards for her :o) Exciting but a little nerve wracking - hope I can come up with something she likes!

Did stamp a little last night - been wanting to try this card sketch from SCS for a while and I think it turned out okay (I scanned it this time Melissa) - have some more ideas now so will have to play with it some more. Tried to carry the "circle" theme through the whole card. The big circles I cut with my Creative Memories Circle Patterns and the main colors are celery, rose red and regal rose - I even mamaged to find ribbon with circles!
Still trying to narrow down which cards I will do for stamp camp on Friday - usually though even if I think I have decided I still change my mind Thursday night and end up creating something different.
If you have something you'd like to see me do let me know in the comments - I'm always looking for new suggestions :o)

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