Thursday, February 1, 2007

We FINALLY got snow!!!

Yes finally after multiple predictions with no results it finally actually really snowed - okay not feet of snow - not really even inches - in fact barely enough to make a snowball.... but still there is white stuff on the ground and schools are closed and the kids are happy.

Hopefully up in the mountains they got several inches and we can go there this weekend and get some real snow pictures and be able to actually sled or build a snowman - but for now we have to be happy with scraping up the little accumulation we did get and try to catch some on our tongues.

The girls did manage to collect a bucket of snow each and are saving it to throw at dad when he comes home from work tonight - I am sure he will be thrilled :o)

We're off to have hot chocolate (mmmm - my favorite part of playing in the snow). Hope you are all staying warm!

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