Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gourd Creatures

My friend and neighbor shared her Family fun magazine's idea for making Gourd people and I though it would be the perfect fall break activity. The girls set out with buckets in hand to collect the necessary supplies for faces, appendages etc and then sat down to work. My younger DD likes going by the book and enjoyed making people

My older DD - always the one that likes to be different - made gourd creatures

and soon had us singing "It's a great day in Suessland today" - you probably only know the song if you have the computer game.... but it's a catchy one - feel free to sing along if you know it :o)

Two bags of gourds and several more trips out to the yard to find the perfect item we had a nice collection of gourd creatures decorating our front porch.

A great end to fall break.


Jana Weaver said...

These are just too cute Yvette! I think I'll have to try this with Julia, she'll LOVE it!! :-)


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

OMGosh how cute are those?? Love it!! Directions please!!!