Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another sympathy card

Thankfully this is not a sympathy card I am sending any time soon (I hope...) I thought I would pre-make some sympathy cards to have on hand for next time and just hope that I don't have to use them for a long long time. I CASED yet another card from an Easter swap I received from my fellow stamping Diva Sherri

I just love the way this card folds. You slide the ribbon to the left and then open the 2 flaps to reveal the message inside. The paper is lovely and muted - it's the one from the mini catalog (Tea Party I think it's called...)

Has anyone else procrastinated on their taxes like I have this year? I don't know what the deal is - the last time I had them done this late was the year we OWED money - you'd think the fact that we were getting money back would prompt me a little more?!?!? So I'll let you guess what I'll be doing this weekend :o(

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