Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Were you fooled today? My younger DD just about got my husband. She gave him a long and very detailed (and very believable) story about how the back door was accidentally left open and then dogs came in the house and went upstairs to the bedroom and started chewing on things and if I hadn't been there shaking my head and smiling I think he would have bought into it and started interrogations on to who it was that left the door open. As it was he looked unsure as to whether to believe her or me. Need to tell her to pick a story less likely to get her in to trouble next time.

I made this card for a swap earlier in the month and I think I will use it for stamp camp too - we don't make many men's cards and this turned out rather well I think.

I used the watercolor crayons to color the image and dragged the inkpads over the cardstock for the card base. It's very hard for me to make a card without using ribbon but the twill with a buckle and without a knot or bow makes it okay for a man's card I think...... that's my woman's opinion anyway :o)
Welcome to April!

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