Sunday, April 6, 2008


Check, check, check went the items off my "to do" list this weekend. teehee - I am sitting here grinning right now looking at all the things I got crossed off. Yes there is still a lot left on the list and yes I did all the little things first but it just looks so good to have accomplished what I did :o)

And most importantly.... the taxes are DONE! filed, sent, over! And that will be another "check" that I will be looking forward to.

Also worked on a swap and got it ready to mail. Here is my reject card.....

I HAD to get this "Pick a Petal" set when it came out and sadly it has rested in it's box ever since. I just can't seem to work out what to do with it. I certainly don't love this card either.... if any of you have used this set with better results than me I'd love to see what you did - please post a link in the comments - otherwise I am afraid that I will have to part with this set as it does nothing but anchor the pile of sets stacked upon it......

Here is a card that I did like but didn't end up using

Sorry it's blurry - the scanner doesn't like the clear button I used. I really like the oval punch with the little flower on it - will have to try that again. You might not be able to see it but the flower is 3D - it's actually 2 diecut flowers with 2 of the petals folded back on each one to form the center petals in the flower and then the 2 flowers butted up against each other. Cool huh? I got the idea from Judy's blog who just happens to live in my neck of the woods :o)
Work tomorrow and then (I hate to say it and jinx myself) but I actually have the rest of the week somewhat to myself..... I won't get excited yet....... but keep your fingers crossed that I do!

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Judi Harvey said...

Hi Yvette! I love your card and I'm glad you had fun making the flower. I love the look of it being all one color!