Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Talk

My DS is pregnant with her first baby (due in Sept) so a lot of the talk amongst my mother and sisters is of the baby, preparations for the baby, things we have bought or made the baby. My sister has not yet (and may not until the big day) found out the sex of the baby which is driving the rest of us batty! There is SO MUCH cute boy and girl stuff - I just want to know which one I can buy!!! (Tash are you reading this...???) Anyway...... I did make the baby shower invitations - since I don't get to be at the shower at least I can participate in little ways. I made these 2 for her to choose from

and wouldn't you know it she liked them both! So my BIL got the final vote and the giraffe is the invitation and the elephant the thank-you's. I will be going to see the baby (my first niece or nephew) in Oct and am really looking forward to finally being able to enjoy a baby and then give it back to it's mom :o) For the last 10 yrs it's been the other way around.

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Jana Weaver said...

Love both cards Yvette...they're great! Enjoy being an auntie...it really is wonderful being able to give them back! ;-) And to think I'm putting myself through the other at this late age...I must be nuts!!

Lots of huggs...I'll be back Stateside soon!!