Sunday, August 3, 2008

A new bag

It seems I am forever in search of the perfect bag. I'll find/make one I love.....for a few weeks/months and then sooner or later I get tired of it because it is too big/small, shoulder straps are too long/short, not enough pockets, wrong color....... you get the picture. Well it's happened again so I decided to make a new one this time using a Melly and me pattern I recently bought along with some fabric Monique and I bought on etsy which is where I have a lot of happy fabric purchases. Here is the end result

The funny thing is that I bought 2 patterns and I was originally planning on making this one but after spending a few hours with fabric strewn everywhere I just couldn't come up with a color combo I liked. I decided to give up and go feed the family dinner and while eating it hit me which fabric and pattern I should use. I still want to try the other one but I will have to play with my fabric some more. Little things I love about this bag are the pockets

they were taken off some pants that I was done with and the button is the new red riding hood button from SU :o) I also love the little tabs that gather in the sides

it gives the bag just that extra little bit of character. I think I want to try it in black next ........


Sherry said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

It would look FABULOUS in black (one of my personal favorites)!!

Keep on sewing!!

Kelly Long said...


I want one. email me details.
It's beautiful.

Jana Weaver said...

That bag is fabulous Yvette! I love the colors you used!!! Just too cute!! :-) You need to start selling these things. :-D