Thursday, July 24, 2008


That's what we've been doing the past weeks. Sadly both my girls have the same rooms they had when we moved in 8 yrs ago - and one of them wasn't even born yet!!! So they choose new color schemes and my DS and I have been working on it ever since. It took a little longer than normal because we decided to scrape that stupid popcorn stuff of the ceilings while we were at it - I HATE that stuff! And I also steam cleaned the carpets while I was at it - must say it was about time that was done too though I would love just to replace all the carpets with hardwood floors.

I have to say the I am totally in love with how my younger DD's room turned out

It is sooooo pretty in pale pink and light green in the closet. We don't have doors on their closets so they have curtains which they love. See the cute little bird picture??? That's the one I made for the Diva challenge a few months back

and the parasol hanging up is from my sister's wedding last year. I hope she likes it for a few years still.
My older DD wants a more grown up room. We painted hers light green and the inside of her closet blue.

We found fabric to make the curtains but are still working on other decorations and a new quilt. It might be a while still........
Since we were in the curtain making mood my DS made some new ones for my kitchen too with fabrics I had in my stash :o)

They match all my little Dutch things I have scattered around my kitchen perfectly.

And at Target yesterday I just couldn't resist this cute guy for my deck.

It's amazing how just a few little things can really brighten up the place :o)

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