Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye old friend

Yesterday we came home after a rain storm to find this

Yes I know it's a Bradford Pear tree and that's what Bradford pear's do - but not MY Bradford pear!!! We were all in shock and then close to tears. Thankfully it didn't land on our house or the neighbors!
We are all going to miss this tree. To my girls it was their favorite climbing tree. The branches were low enough and sturdy enough to let them climb quite high. The cat liked climbing in it too. I loved this tree too for some many reasons - it was a great shade tree, it had 2 bird feeders that were always in use by all kinds of furred and feathered friends (perhaps why the cat liked climbing in it so often...), it was the tree that held on to the last the shades of fall and was first to tell us that spring was on the way. Just looking out the window and seeing it's branches gave me a peaceful feeling. Now every time I catch a glimpse of the gaping wound out the window I am still shocked. The light in the room already seems harsher and brighter. I know no tree is going to be able to replace this one. Goodbye old friend - we'll miss you!

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