Friday, September 12, 2008

A spooky birthday

My oldest DD decided that she wanted to have a costume party this year - Halloween-ish style but mostly witches and black cats and such. I have alternated between being excited by the possibilities and depressed by the choices. We don't really want any heavy magic, death and doom and such but it's hard to find "nice" versions of all that's creepy. The invitations I was pleased with

I used some of the Rusty Pickle Addams Family Halloween paper from last year and some little acrylic stamps I got at Jo-ann's in the $1 section. I found this fun spell book - my DD was doing every one of them this afternoon and I am sure it will get lots of giggles from the whole group. I think I am going to print them all a copy to take home. The potion book on there was fun too but everything involved "boil for 20 min" but I am still trying to think of a way we could do it - substituting some of the ingredients of course :o) I will have to go and check out Martha for some more ideas.
Enjoy the weekend!


Philip said...

Hey Yvette!
pretty invitation lady!

maybe you could zap the potions in the microwave for a bit instead?
I don't know how long you'd need but it'd have to be quicker
you'd just have to be careful or you might end up with a superheated soda & mentos explosion ...

hope all is well :)

Jessica said...

i googled your name and "scrappin in the city" and i found you. yeah!

anyways. . .these "stamp camps" sound fun. i love all your ideas on here!

have a great week!