Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lots of updates for you - first the party was a smashing success. Here is my witch in all her finery including the spider tattoo on her neck (minus her black hat which kept blowing off in the wind)

The book of spells was a big hit

as were the black velvet goodie bags

I bought the velvet and made the bags just tying them closed with black ribbon. The printed chocolates were from Target and I bought the lotions and soaps on etsy (of course!) And she is in the process as we speak of writing out her thank-you's

The next big update is that my DS had her baby on Monday - woohoo!! I am an auntie for the first time to little Charlotte Marjorie. I fly out to see them on Sunday and although the thought of leaving my kids for 2 weeks is about to make me sick I know once I get there I will thoroughly enjoy myself....... at least that's what I keep saying..... they will all be fine while I'm gone right..??? A HUGE thank you has to go out to all those people that are willing to take my kids after school for 2 weeks until my DH gets home every night! I am going to owe them big time!!!

Finally the diva blog has been updated again with this month's fab creations. Go check them out!

I will be posting pics of my beautiful little niece when I get there so check back next week. But for now I'm off to start packing!

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