Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birds and more birds....

So apparently I am not the only one on this bird kick at the moment - either that or SU designed 2 stamp sets and some pretty designer paper and chipboard just for me in the new Spring/Summer IB&C :o)
But have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I got the new catalogs last night and have worn out the pages already! (well just my copy - not all of them...)

I am continuing on my crafty kick and have made 11 more birds (most for the bird exchange) like this one but in several different colors
red bird #2

I was fortunate to recieve some decorator sample books from my fellow diva Cheri which I have been using to make the bird's "tummys".
I also made two of these "kidlets"

kidlet with pig fabric
for the girls to hang on the back of their doors and store their hairbrushes, lip balms, deodorants and other morning necessities to hopefully reduce the number of "I can't find my...." that we seem to get every morning when we are trying to get ready for school. So far it's worked wonderfully! They are actually bigger than they need to be for this purpose but I quite like the size and am thinking of making a few for me :o) They would be good to stash your car keys, cell phone and sunglasses too. I got the pattern here if you want to make your own (or if you ask me nice I might make one for you.......)
Unfortunately the next few days I have work, classes and various other activities so my sewing time will be limited but it has been fun - especially with this cold weather! Stay warm everyone!

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Regina said...

Your bird is so sweet! Can't wait to see them in person.