Friday, January 9, 2009

A new year

Yes I know it's been a while - I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! I spent much of December busy in the craft room sewing and scrapping gifts for all my favorite people. You can see some of my sewing projects on my flickr account. Over the holidays I took a break from just about everything (the computer, crafting, cleaning....)and it was nice. Now that school is back in session I am easing back into life again. I made some decisions over the holidays of things I want to do and want NOT to do for the new year
To do:
1. craft more - it makes me happy :o)
2. reduce, reuse, recycle more - I already do it some but I should do a better job of it.
3. use what I have first (see #2)
4. take time to stop and enjoy the little things - time passes oh so quickly!
5. say "no" more - I am very quick to say yes to anything and everything people ask me to do and then end up wishing I had not committed to so many things.
6. let other people do things too
NOT to do:
1. over commit myself trying to make everyone happy
2. wait until December to start on Christmas projects!!!!
3. obsess over things that I have no control over.
4. expect other people to change
5. try to do EVERYTHING!

So far this week I have spent 2 days at home just crafting and I am a much better person for it! One of the things I got hooked on over the holidays was making little bird ornaments - this one is my favorite so far
Red corduroy bird
Most of them ended up finding new homes so I wanted to make some more for me. Well today I stumbled upon a bird exchange - perfect timing to get me motivated! Details are here if you are interested but more importantly part of the exchange is to give away a bird on January 20th - so make sure you check back here then to register for your chance to win one of these birds :o)


Jana Weaver said...

cute bird Yvette! glad your holidays were nice...hope to see you in some we stamp swaps soon!

Tony Swatek said...

Great resolutions! I just wanted to thank you for listing Scrap Your Trip in your "Where my Husband's money goes" section. That's a cute way of putting it. :) Keep up the scrappin' and good luck with the resolutions (especially the one about crafting more). Ha Ha.

Sincere best regards,

Tony Swatek, Vice President™
'Cuz life is a trip worth scrappin' ™

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Love the bird Yvette!! I think I recognize those fabrics!!! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Love the new look of your blog!!!

Intrepid in the Kitchen- JdG: said...

You are just so crafty Yvette! Let me know if you try the carob balls and how they go!
I long to be in Sydney too- Melbourne is beautiful, but it lacks the summer sun!
Your birds look great! I am hooked on the bird motif at the moment too- such a lovely thing to have around! I can't wait to see some more pictures of your NY craft!
Love cousin jane.