Monday, January 19, 2009


Today the girls were out of school today for MLK day and we got to do this

There was enough for snowballs now and then but not enough for a snowman. It was still pretty to watch though and it was enough for schools to be closed again tomorrow - yippee!

We bought the Wii Fit this weekend and I am ever so slightly addicted.... How can I tell I'm addicted you ask? Maybe by the pain in my thighs....... I am competing against my 10yr old and only just beating her - it won't take long and I am sure she will surpass me at all the games but for now she is ever so slightly behind me - well on most of them anyway.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the bird giveaway!

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Craft Matters said...

We're thinking of getting the Wii Fit. Sounds like you would recommend it! We spend too much time playing games on our Wii...